The Male Challenge is the brainchild of Pip Cornall, a lifelong educator on boys and men’s issues.

The Male Challenge believes most boys can become good men and that we don’t have to live with male violence, misogyny or planetary destruction!


  • Former PE & Outdoor Ed teacher
  • Owner of several outdoor adventure enterprises
  • White water raft and kayak guide. Windsurfing Instructor
  • Ski instructor, Snow boarding, X-C and Alpine Skiing
  • Yoga and Stretch Therapy Teacher 
  • Director of a health promotion charity – 12 years.
  • Teacher of peer mediation in Oregon schools
  • Court Mediator, Oregon
  • Juvenile Justice Facilitator – USA and Australia

Pip was a mediator/convenor in Australian and American Juvenile Justice Systems. He has led workshops and seminars in both countries on gender and communication skills.

Pip ran a weeklong program for a well known Australia Olympic team who was dealing with misogyny and hyper-masculinity issues. The team included gold medallists.

His work has impacted diverse groups, including families, schools, gang members, boys and men in prison, sporting communities and Olympic athletes.

In the USA, this work led him to the senate and congress to support the Dept of Peace Bill that would support young men, help to prevent violence, nationally and internationally.

Pip is the author of two booklets about healthy masculinity. His books, eBooks and cartoon animations are geared to help boys navigate the road towards becoming great men.

As a director of a non-profit organization, the Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer  Survivorship and Research, he runs ‘Prostate Mates’ and other support programs for men with cancer. 2010 – Feb 2022

The Institute also sponsored his male challenge work and distribution of free books to groups.