The Male Challenge…
Is based on the idea that all boys can become fantastic men.
That we don’t have to live with male violence or planetary destruction!

The Male Challenge is the brainchild of Pip Cornall, a lifelong educator on boys and men’s issues.

The materials – eBooks, short books, films, cartoon animations are geared to help boys navigate the road towards becoming great men.


A former PE, Outdoor Ed teacher, Pip merges outdoor education with sustainable forms of masculinity training.

A mediator in Australian and American Juvenile Justice Systems, Pip has lead training seminars in both countries. His masculinity work is popular with diverse groups, including families, schools, gang members, boys and men in prison, sporting communities and Olympic athletes.

Pip is the author of two books about healthy masculinity.

Pip has also been a director of a non-profit organization, the Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer  Survivorship and Research, where he runs ‘Prostate Mates’ and other support programs for men with cancer. The Institute; as a non-profit also sponsors his male challenge work and distribution of free books.